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    AE export render color bleed problem


      Hi I'm rending my projects for the past week and I'm keep getting color bleed in my render disregard the complexity of the comp, even simple ones with few layers and not effect heavy, and disregard outputting H264 mp4 or PNG sequence, my render gets frequent color bleeds. The frame below I used Optical Flare, others I don't have Optical Flares layer and still get similar result in other comp.


      I'm running on i7 5820, 64 GB, MSI GTX 1070, CS6, 3TB HDD


      Would using AE CC resolve this issue? I'm wondering if it's Hardware or software issue.







      Terra Blue_00499.png

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Without knowing anything about your exact footage, effects used, render settings etc. nobody can tell you much. This could even be merely a problem with e.g. using 32bpc mode and some effects not playing ball. Also check your GPU settings and graphics drivers. I smell a potential compatibility issue with your CS6 vs. the all too new card and you may need to tweak something.



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            bertp5625049 Level 1

            Layers have Optical Flare and Element 3D. Render Setting is PNG Sequence no compression, working on 16bpc. I did switch it to 8bpc, same thing happens, When you mention GPU settings, I'm not sure what kind of setting can I mod on my MSI, I didn't touch voltages or OC the GPU. I got the GPU shows up in AE preference, so it recognizes the GTX 1070 and not using CPU rendering.


            I tried turning off "Render Multi Frame Simultaneously" and this artifacts seems to go away. It takes a bit longer to render, still waiting but at least I'm not battling with the Re-rendering frames continuously.


            Read something about Render Multi Frame Simultaneously, may be overflowing buffer of some sort with the GPU??? I don't know. Is this function not compatible with GTX 1070??

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I could see multiprocessing, Element 3D, and that brand new GPU having issues, yes.