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    "Server busy" error. Tried several "fixes"


      The "server busy" error is not new to people on this forum.


      I've tried the following:


      - Updated LR via CC

      - Updated graphics drivers

      - Restarted three (3) times

      - "Run as administrator"

      - Removing "SL Cache" from common files and running as administrator

      - Enabled and disabled superfetch


      LR was literally working last night, and now all of a sudden, I can't open it.


      Seriously frustrating, especially considering how long this error seems to have been around.


      Anyone have any new fixes I should try?

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          reismj88 Level 1

          For anyone who sees this, if you tried the above fixes and still have the problem, here's what worked for me:


          - Disable superfetch and windows search (services from run: services.msc)

          - Close all open programs

          - Restart your pc, while unplugging your devices (mouse, keyboard)

          - Re-plug devices to log in

          - Run as admin


          I have no idea how any of those steps worked, but it's one of the several random fixes that people have reported for this.


          Hope that helps.