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    Digital publish with password to view?

    rsbisa Level 1

      I'm experimenting with the Digital Publishing feature of CC 2015. My project is working as well as I had hoped. Question: is it possible to lock down a published document to make the published document viewable only with a password?


      Here's the ultimate goal: I actually have three separate audiences for the same document - the doc is congruent in all respects except for one page, the pricing page. Formerly, with a website, I had been able to control access with user/password combinations. So, User 1, having logged in with their user/password would only see User 1 pricing, etc.


      Is there a way in inDesign CC2015 and/or Digital Publishing where I can have the same effect? I understand that I will likely have to refresh my thinking on how this could be done. For example, perhaps the document itself is public (as it is now, which would be fine), but with custom script an object within the document would be hidden and only viewable with a password typed into a text input field. So, Users 1, 2, and 3 would each be looking at the same page, but their respective password would make viewable the object or element that contained their respective pricing.


      That's just one idea. My hope is that an expert seeing this recognizes my need and has thought of or seen how this is done, or perhaps can suggest a different path to the same desired result.


      Thanks for any help - or even if I'm told this is currently impossible (which would save the time spent trying to solve).



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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          Are you referring to Publish Online? The URLs are unique—you could publish three versions, and then give out the appropriate URLs. There's no way I know of to password protect them, and they can't be stored on your own server.

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            amaarora Adobe Employee

            Currently there is no way to do what you mentioned in your question.

            What i would suggest is, you can use layers and export the document with different visible contents for different users. That is, for a particular user the content you want should be hidden can be added to the same layer and then the layers visibility can be turned off from layers panel. Why i suggest this? Because the content you wish to hide from your 3 categories of veiwers is same, and hence adding that data to a single layer and then toggling its visibilty would ease your task.

            also there are scripts that password protect your page items in an indesign document. However am not sure if they would help after publish online.

            Single field password protected?

            There are multiple other questions too. Simple googling may help.


            hopefully your question is answered

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              rsbisa Level 1

              Thank you. This is very helpful. I may be able to make this work.