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    upgrading Gtx 680 for 4k premiere pro editing


      Should i go for a GTX 980TI or a GTX 1070 ?


      I convert my pictures from NEF to Tiff with lightroom then to ProRes before i edit in premiere cc.
      Using up to date software


      Could not find good gpu performance benchmarks to compare.


      my current specs:


        - I7-5820K @4Ghz OC liquid cooled


        - 64GB Ram


        - GTX 680


        - 500GB Samsung 840 EVO (Windows 8.1pro + programs)

        - 1TB ssd sandisk ultra II (Raw timelapse material NEF format)

        - 500GB 850 EVO (premiere pro project video files)

        - 180GB Raid 0 x3 60gb corsair force III (Proxy files)