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    Have different fields auto fill based on selection from drop down menu


      Hello everyone,


      I have been tasked to research ways to create a PDF document that has a drop down menu and when one option is selected from the drop down menu, then multiple fields throughout the document would be auto filled based on the selection from the drop down menu and unfortunately, coding is not really my strong suit.  Another thing that I'm not too sure about is that the employees of my institution are wanting to email the PDF document out to our customers and then have the customers fill out the PDF document and then send it back to the institution.  So would anyone be able to provide some input on the best way to create the described PDF document that would also not be an issue with emailing out to customers?  Honestly, I'm not sure on how the email providers would react to receiving a PDF doc with a lot of Javascripting, if they would even react to it at all.  I appreciate any and all input.