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    Testing Lightroom 6 not possible




      some months ago i was able to download a testversion of lightroom 6. but the testing period was only a week. I had no really good examples to test.


      now after holiday i have enough stuff.


      and i want to test lightroom 6 again, especially one feature: the panorama function.


      i can only download a testversion of lightroom CC 2015, but the panorama function is not active/available here.

      i think it could have to do with my earlier test period.


      So my issue:

      I have Lightroom 5 and want to find out if the panorama function of lightroom 6 is worth to pay > 70 EUR for an upgrade.

      But for this decision i really need to be able to test the panorama function again


      How, please, can i do this?


      I clicked an hour through the jungle of the lightroom website and understand, that many user will pay for an abo because they are so frustraded..... But i will not! Surely not.

      So please don't suggest to get the Adobe CC for 11,89 / month. I will not pay that. I do not need photoshop.


      I just would like to find a way to test the panorama function of LR6 before upgrading.


      Thanks for help!


      Best regards