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    They say this picture "out of focus", really?

    Tomasz Zielinski

      Hi All,


      Adobe rejected this picture by stating that "Unfortunately, during our review we found that it's not completely sharp and in-focus when viewed at 100%, so we can't accept it into our collection."

      Can anyone please help me out and tell me what is technically wrong with this picture. Focus is on the foreground, the Olivier Cromwell monument.


      Many thanks in advance,



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          der_muk Level 1

          Hi Thomasz,


          I neither think that this image is particularly out of focus. However, I am sorry I have to say that I don't think this is a photo suited as stock-material. "But why?" - you may ask.


          1. the lighting conditions are not special / not amphasized
          2. composition is not that good (statue in front of tower / castellated tower truncated / end of nave truncated)
            What even is the subject of the image? The statue? The tower? The roof?
          3. Contrast and colors seem a bit dull & greyish


          As stated before - I neither think, this is OOF, but I also don't think this is proper stock-footage.


          :/ sry dude

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            Tomasz Zielinski Level 1

            Thanks, that's a constructive criticism/ answer and would rather got that from Adobe than that it is out of focus.


            Many thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.


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              chrisoz45 Level 1

              you have chromatic abberation on top of the roof that makes it look OOF. My opinion is wether its in composition or whatever you were trying for how does adobe really know what some one is looking for and willing to pay for. I just had a pic said it was OOF. part of it is as it is what i was trying to do. File ID: 124466439