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    CC Activation Problem with Overseas Travel

    badbluesman Level 1

      I have an education membership that only allows me to have two computers activated. Before leaving on a long trip to China, I deactivated one computer at home and activated a new lightweight laptop for the trip.  All of this went smoothly while I was still in the United States; CC was running smoothly on the new laptop.  Now that I am in China I cannot use my software.  Pop up messages from CC keep telling me that I already have two computers activated.  My guess is that CC thinks my laptop is a different computer than the one I left home with because I am overseas using a VPN (virtual private network).


      How do I fix this problem so that I can actually use the software I am paying for???


      A message to Adobe Management:  In your greed-driven paranoia that someone might be able to use your software without paying, you end up punishing your legitimate paying customers by constantly making us jump through hoops to use our software and creating barriers for us like the one detailed above.  You need to focus more on creating a positive user experience for your paying customers and less on gestapo-like tactics to keep hackers from using your software free.  Those hackers will always get over any wall you put up and they will always be able to use your software.  You can't stop them by building higher and higher walls.  Meanwhile, your anti-piracy tactics are hurting your customer base.