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    Primary text frames on verso page only




      I’m working on a picture book with images on every recto page and text on every verso.

      I created a master spread that had an image frame on the recto, and a primary text frame on the verso.

      However, when I place the text of the book into the primary text frame, new pages are not added and my text is overset. I do have smart text reflow enabled.


      To try to avoid this, I started over and created two masters. The first (A) was a spread with a primary text frame on the verso threaded to a text frame on the verso. The second (B) was a single page with an image frame. I placed the book's text onto a page with master A applied. The text flowed into the primary text frames as expected, and more pages were added as needed. Then I tried applying master B to all the recto pages. The image frame appeared on the recto pages, but the primary text frame did not disappear, even though there was no text frame at all on master B.


      Thanks for your help!