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    Button functionality getting progressively worse

    rsbisa Level 1

      CC 2015 11.1.102.

      Mac OS 10.10.5


      I've created a document with 16 pages There is a menu on the master page with buttons that are supposed to gotodestination upon release - destinations are book marks on each respective page - upon click/release. When I originally built the document,upon publishing online, all functionality was fine. Each button did its thing(s) upon rollover, rollout, click, etc. And if I clicked the button, the page would advance perfectly.


      Well, I've made several minor content updates over the last day. Now, with each publish, the button functionality has started a pattern of deterioration. First, several of the buttons - though their rollover and rollout behavior was good - stopped functioning with respect to Go to.... Then, progressively, over half the buttons no longer worked. Now, the buttons are not even reacting to rollover or rollout. It's as if each effort to update and repair is actually causing more of the malfunctions.


      Keep in mind, I've not toyed with the buttons, themselves, at all. I've not messed with the bookmarks, either.


      What is going on??? Is there a way to "compact" the document to get it back to it's pristine form?


      Also, I've tried building a brand new document with just a couple pages. New bookmarks, new buttons. Nothing is functioning upon Publish Online.


      I've restarted ID several times, and restarted the computer, too.


      What is going on???

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          Well, several hours later, I'm making headway. After painstaking trial-n-error, I've determined that the problem is not in the buttons at all. The problem appears to be in the text box where the bookmarks reside.



          • copying content in the offending spread
          • deleting spread
          • creating new spread
          • paste-in-place the content
          • Create new bookmark
          • deleting the associated button
          • create new button
          • Re-establish the gotodestination function


          After the above, I was able to fix most of the button and pages. However, other continued to be stubborn. I then copied just the content of the text box of those pages, made a new text box, retyped the text that was the bookmark and assigned the bookmark to the new text.


          This seems to work.


          So, for anyone else having a similar issue, it seems that the textbox or the bookmark text, itself, was where the problem was.

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            The conclusion: It's quite easy to break a project developed in a random, learn-as-you-go style.


            In retrospect, it seems that my many edits, moving pages around, adding pages in the middle, etc. was too much for the underlying structure, rendering bookmarks useless.


            Had I sketched out the structure and created all the pages in the beginning, added content, and then, next-to-final step, add bookmarks, and finally point buttons to their respective bookmarks, I would have saved hours of re-build time.


            I have no idea if the above is a technical solution or a rookie's hunch. At any rate, perhaps this answer will save someone a great deal of time.

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