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    First Payment $.33  - please explain

    Eulippia Prime Level 1

      OK, I am no less thrilled that one of my images has been purchased.  This encourages me to keep shooting and honing my skills and improving my technique.


      I got my first image sale.  The payout is $.33.  Does this mean that someone paid $.99 to use it?  Are all images offered to all clients or only the prime artists?  Is there anyway to learn who purchases our work?  Are any metrics available to us on those who purchase our work?  I am not expecting identification, just whether they are corporate or private, nation, minor or adult, industry (school, publishing, etc.) or any other that can give us an idea of our audience.  I can see what of my approved portfolio sells.  I would also like to get an idea of why from data about  the audience.

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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          Thank you for writing. There are many price options available for customers through both Fotolia and Adobe Stock. The commission rate is 33% of the price paid per image. That price is determined by the number of images the customer commits to purchase. At Adobe Stock a customer can purchase a single image for $9.99, 10 images for $49.99 or 350 image for $199.99. With the larger subscriptions the cost per download is fairly low. To prevent your commissions from dropping in tandem there is a minimum payment amount to ensure you are fairly compensated for your work. The minimum amount is determined by your rank. The more you sell, the higher your rank. The higher your rank, the more you earn.


          You can find more about commissions at this page: Account and payment information


          Regarding your question about the customers purchasing your files, this is not information we are able to share at this time.


          Kind regards,


          Mat Hayward

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            Hi Mat,


            I am considering moving my work to AS, but you don't provide a critical piece of info:

            What is the minimum payment for work from a new contributor who has not yet ascended your hierarchy?


            Let's say my first sale is part of a 10 image buy @ $49.99. Do I get 33% of $4.99 or is there a higher minimum payment as alluded to above?


            Also what are the volumes necessary to ascend the hierarchy and what are the associated higher rates?

            Transparency is essential to me in my business dealings, if not my images.


            Please advise so I can determine whether AS is the/a right place to present my work. Would your partner site (name escapes me. Sorry branding people.) allow me more/less control over my price points?





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              MatHayward Adobe Employee

              Hi Mark,


              Thanks for writing. In the example you listed of 10 images for $49.99 you would get 33% of the price paid which equates to $1.65.


              The minimum amount you could receive as a new contributor is .25 This would be the result of a larger subscription package such as 750 images for $199.99. The minimum payment amount increases as your volume of sales increase. You can find the chart of minimum payments at this page: Royalty-Free Stock Photos, Vector Art & Video - Fotolia


              You will find additional information regarding royalties in general here: Account and payment information


              Kind regards,


              Mat Hayward

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                msl28209 Level 1



                The Fotolia chart provided exactly the info I need.