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    Problem to import MOD files (org size 720*576) generate to540 *576


      I have the problem that Premiere elements 14 change the size of the original MOD-file (from Canon camcorder FS100) form org size 720*576 to 540 *576 = propertie of the clip. So I have not the complete Frame and I see black columns right and left.

      One solution is :

      I can change MOD files to MP4 files (with free MP4 video-converter) and I have an mp4 file  with the same size 720*576.

      And now I can import this mp4 files to elements and it is o.k. !!!! I see the complete frame. in properties of the clip I see 720*576.


      The second action:

      I have changes the Interpretation Rules.TXT content from

      720, 576, *, *, * = 720/576, *, *, *



      #  PAL D1/DV

      720, 576, *, *, * = 720/576, *, *, *


      but nothing happend.


      Do you have a solution in elements?

      best regards Manfred

      please send an email to manfred.janz@online.de