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    Error #3119: Database file is currently locked


      I have "connection pool" in our application, with 1 main connection doing mostly read access, and 2 additional connections doing transactions and updates via begin/commit, all on the same SQLite DB file.

      However, on a 3rd connection, we are seeing occasional (seemingly random) crash during COMMIT operation, with error code 'Error #3119: Database file is currently locked'.

      This error makes no sense to me, especially on Commit, but keeps happening at a rate of every 1 out of 3 commit attempts fails (or so...).

      Any ideas?

      Some more thoughts -- I started of with single connection, but that is a problem since commit/rollback integrity breaks when you use same connection to read committed data and in-progress data. So I need at least 2 connections, and for some other "timing" issues, I decided to go up to 3 (which is when troubles started). Still, what gives?