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    Certificate Appearance


      How can I create a signature that can be superimposed on the document without blocking the text behind it?

      I've tried stamping - it still has a field around the image that blocks whatever is there; there was a signature that 'floated,' but then it was removed from my system during an upgrade by Adobe.

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          sb116 Adobe Employee

          Hi Wschlesinger,


          Please try the steps below :

          • Go to Tools> Certificates and open the PDF
          • In the Certficates panel above, click on "Digitally Sign" and click Ok
          • It will then ask you to drag your mouse and draw the area  where you would like the signature to appear
          • After selecting the desired area, you will get a dialog box with an option "Appearances" and you can click on "Create" to choose the desired settings for your signature appearance.
          • Once done, save all the changes.


          Let me know if you still need help.




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            The solution didn't change the situation.  In Acrobat Pro XI, the 'appearances' is simply a list of boxes to be checked or unchecked, and none of those allow for a transparent signature.  Problem is still unsolved.


            The solution used to be in Acrobat - a 'floating' signature graphic that could be placed in the document without obscuring the document elements behind it.  Can't that be brought back?