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    Flash portable Plugin

      I have Firefox set up in a portable directory. I have read that often for flash to work portable it must be installed on a machine with admin rights and then carried over to where ever its going to be used.

      My problem: My home machine has Firefox installed and a portable version. I have tried adding flash using the portable EXE directory, but I when I got to add flash or shockwave it just re-installs in the already installed directory.

      DO I need to uninstall Firefox from the machine and then try the ad-ins? Does Adobe stock any zip files that have them read to drop the files into a portable directory WITHOUT an EXE. Thanks for your help.
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          I'd be interested in that portable plugin as well. The reason that I've installed the portable FF on a Memory Stick was, that I don't have always administration rights on the computers and therefore now permission to update an old Flashplayer. But where's the sence on a portable webbrowser if one needs permissions to update plugins on that portable device?