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    Lightroom Catalog Keeps Currupting, Over and Over.

    mustardrocket Level 1

      Currently using Lightroom version: 6.7


      Lately, bad issue with corrupting catalogs that can't be repaired or fixed. So I keep loosing work that I just did because I didn't do an immediate backup (as I usually backup every few sessions). I will be working, close lightroom, reopen a few hours later and it's dead.


      The note: Catalog is currupt and cannot be used or backed up until it is repaired (which never works).


      Before, I could delete certain files that would allow the catalog to open... But now, that's a lost cause. Nothing works.


      What can I try here to prevent this from happening? No issues with anything else else on the PC, except Lightroom at this point. Could I try to send the catalog for repair to Adobe? If so, how do I go about that? This has happened three times recently. Been using LR for so many years, no issues until recently.