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    Animate CC - Glitched Shape Tween?


      Hey guys,


      I have recently started to use Adobe Animate and I have a drawing of a zebra which I want to animate. Basically, I want to make its stripes move. I've tried vectorizing the stripes by either tracing it or redrawing the whole thing on Animate, but when I insert a new keyframe and move it up/down/change its shape and then apply the Shape Tween, the stripes start to move everywhere. See the pictures below to understand it better:




      Picture 01: the first frame/how it starts

      Picture 02: the last frame/how it should end (I want the stripes to transform into the last image)



      Pictures 03/04/05: keyframes 05, 10 and 15 respectively.


      See how it looks glitched? The stripes randomly move across the zebra's body.


      Does anyone know why this happens?