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      Another question (Sorry)


      I have someone who wants to interview my avatar next week. Plus I was also asked about attending a convention in LA next year, which I can't make but I could possible do a virtual talk using my avatar


      The problem I am running into however is how to Skype just the section of the screen with the avatar on


      In Skype you can screen share. Now if I could make my avatar fill the whole screen, that would be great, but even if I press the button under the ESC button on the top left of my keyboard, it does indeed enlarge the avatar screen but I still see the FILE EDIT SCENE PUPPET TIMELINE WINDOW HELP PREVIEW icons at the top, and all my windows taskbar at the bottom.


      Is there anyway to fill the entire screen?


      I've looked to see if you can select just a section of the screen to share with Skype, but you cannot. I've tried looking for an alternative to Skype, such as Google Hangout (which I find to be quite laggy) but that does not offer the option either.


      I thought I might be able to use OBS but you can't outsource a section of the screen to Skype via it either, well not that I can find out how to.


      Any advice? If I could get this to work, I could do quite a few online interviews




      If I wanted to project the Character to a screen LIVE, in real time, again, how could I project just the character scene and not the software surrounds? For this one I do not mean via the internet, but tethered to a computer (so no risk on internet lag) and exported to a screen the computer is connected to.

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          So I had to do something similar for an event this weekend. I ended up using OBS and just right-clicking my composition in there and going fullscreen - which gave me a full, chrome-less view of my scene. So I basically had a two monitor setup - I was controlling CH actively in one window, and the other had OBS fullscreen (with my character over top of a live video feed with a connected webcam).


          I can't remember from your other posts - are you on Mac or PC? If Mac, check out other Syphon-enabled clients like VDMX5 (a lot of VJ tools use syphon) - they have fullscreen syphon options.


          I have not personally seen a fantastic solution for the Skype scenario yet. Livestreaming to FB, YouTube, Twitch, etc - OBS works great. But for the scene to be your webcam in a chat client like Skype or Facetime - I haven't seen a perfect version of that yet - but I know there has to be a way to do it, I just don't know the right workflow / tech to do it.

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            scotte57842618 Level 1

            I'm a PC man Thanks, I'll try that out

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              scotte57842618 Level 1

              Right, I can see what you mean now


              If I use OBS, I can right click and make the selected composition FULL SCREEN, so that one monitor is filled with just the screen area I want. However, I am running into the following problem


              This is how my screens looks


              Sample 2.jpg


              The window capture on the right however (the obs) is not showing my Character animator Scene. Its just grey where my scene is. Do you have any idea why this might be?

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                oksamurai Employee Moderator

                That's really strange. I just tried Window capture and it worked for me. Does display capture instead work any better?

                Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 2.19.12 PM.png

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                  scotte57842618 Level 1

                  I've got Display working. It pixelates a little but at least it is something


                  Window display will show the scene board in ANIMATE CC, but it wont show the scene in Character Animate, or Photoshop CC

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                    shooterstache Level 1

                    Hey Scotte did you ever figure out a way to use Character animator on google hangouts (with a good quality). I was invited to a webshow that uses hangouts but not sure I can pull it off as a character.

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                      alank99101739 Level 4

                      I would love to know the answer too!


                      I have not tried it, but stumbled across “OBS-VirtualCam” recently. Seems to take OBS output and turn it into a “webcam” source - so you should in theory be able to use it with OBS studio and Google Hangouts... I tried to install it but my antivirus software blocked it (!!) so I was hesitant to mention it, but the reviews on the obsproject.com site were all pretty positive. But if there was a better solution that would be nice!

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