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    Portraiture Preview Not Working In Lightroom CC 2015.5

    slberlin.ut Level 1

      I have used Portraiture in all current versions of LR without any problems for years. Recently, when starting in LR, going into Portraiture for its edits and returning to Lightroom, the Lightroom preview does not show the Portraiture changes. But if I export the file the changes are there.


      Windows 10 64 Pro, all current updates. 32GB RAM, fast quadcore. GPU

      Lightroom CC 2015.5

      Portraiture plug-in, had been using 2015 version when problem started but updated to latest version today with no difference.


      Portraiture support said preview not updating was LR catalog needed optimizing but my LR is set to optimize and backup the catalog on every exit, which I have done many times with no change in this problem.


      Or, the other issue they said is that the returned file must be a TIFF with no compression or a JPEG. It was and is set to TIFF, compression none, but the problem continues.


      I'd be grateful for help.for solving this problem because I sometimes need to apply additional edits after Portraiture runs so the preview must be right.