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    Widgets, variables and advanced actions-help!

    Highlander Hugh
      Ok, I've spent the last 4 days doing search after search and can't figure this out. I want to use the combobox widget included in Adobe Captivate 4 to do things. How do I get it to do anything? In the widget parameters it has comma separated items and enter a variable nae you want to store the selected item. Lets say I have 4 items 1,2,3,4 and a variable of supmat. How do I get it to perform an action when I choose 1,2,3 or 4? I added supmat as a user variable because I didn't see it in there automatically (I assumed it would create). I tried making an advanced action to look for it.

      I've found the article showing how a youtube widget was created, but I haven't found a good explanation on how to use the widgets included in Adobe 4. I am using a trial (which in previous experience is just a time limited full version) while I wait on my purchaser to get my full version. Any help would be appreciated.

      Oh, my reason for trying to use the widgets, is one thing I really need in Captivate to replace using Lectora is the ability to have a dropdown list of URL links for my learners, and I would think the combobox would be good for this. If someone has a better idea, I am all ears.