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    Stabilization by individual tracking points


      I have some footage that has slight movement, and I want to use a tool like warp stabilizer for NO motion (not smooth motion). However, when I tried to use Premiere or After Effects, it would always take the foreground, rather than any of the background objects, to track. I know that After Effects uses a "mesh" per say to track objects by finding many data points, then using "artificial intelligence" to work out the difference. Is there any way that you can manually set individual tracking points for the stabilizer to use?

      If you're wondering what the footage is, it's a person sitting on a bus. I would want to track several points on the bus, but After Effects thinks that tracking the person is right.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          From your description you are trying to use Camera Tracking. You should be using Stabilize Motion and set at least two tracking points manually or you should be using Mocha (more difficult to learn but able to do more things) to do your tracking. You are just using the wrong tool.


          I would suggest that you type stabilize motion in the search help field at the top right corner of AE and look at the help files and the community resources. Most of the time, when you stabilize motion you end up putting the motion back in the shot and adding it to any elements you have added to the scene.


          If you want to just remove as much of the motion as you can from a hand held shot then you use warp stabilize, but you must use the advanced features and remove the tracking points of things you don't want to have considered when the shot is stabilized.


          It would really help if we could see the shot you are working with and have a much more detailed description of your project requirements.