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    Lightroom dual pixel support for Canon EOS 5d mk IV


      With the latest release of Adobe Camera Raw 9.7, Lightroom now supports standard raw files from Canon's EOS mk IV camera. However this support only extends to standard .CR2 files and not dual pixel ones. As part of the update Adobe issued "Working with Canon Dual Pixel raw CR2 files in Camera Raw and Lightroom" explaining how it is necessary to use Canon's Digital Photo Professional software to handle the conversion to Tiff before files can be imported into Lightroom. Does this mean that Adobe aren't planning on incorporating dual pixel functionality into Lightroom and their DNG file format, or was this a means of quickly getting something out while they work on the full dual pixel support?


      I currently have close to 4000 dual pixel photos that I need to work through. It would be practically impossible to convert all of them to TIFF before Lightroom. If dual pixel functionality is on the horizon and is coming to Lightroom then I will hold on, but if it's not is there a way to convert a dual pixel .cr2 file to a standard .cr2 so this can be subsequently converted to DNG?