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    Lightroom having trouble reading photos on external drive

    CAMACM Level 1

      I use a Drobo connected to our network to store Lightroom catalog photos not currently stored on my MacBook Pro. The drives are all healthy and the MBP seems to have no trouble staying connected to it. However, I am going to some of these older photos in my Lightroom catalog (only use one catalog) and the previews are coming up black or completely garbled when I click on them, in either Library or Develop modules. Photos on the Drobo itself appear to be fine when opened outside of Lightroom. Having the issue with both RAW files and with edited TIFF files. I have discarded and then rebuilt previews for some and had success, but on some of the RAW files, I'm getting errors about "unexpected end of file occurred" and the photos are reading as completely garbled in Lightroom. Examples in photo - all are RAW files - one has the error and the other won't load a proper preview.


      I recently encountered problems on my MacBook Pro, which required me to wipe the hard drive and, rather than restore from my backup, move the necessary files and start over. This worked for me, but I'm wondering if this has something to do with my problem. I had no problem moving my catalog files over. All my Lightroom edits are there. The problem seems to be widespread, though I'm not opening many files just in case.


      Can anyone help? I haven't tried deleting any cache files. Don't understand fully what deleting those will do. I have a very large catalog (over 70,000 photos) and wouldn't want to rebuild previews for EVERYTHING if I don't have to. Thanks!Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 8.47.22 AM.png