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    Problems installing Lightroom 6 as a CC replacement



      I have used Lightroom CC for a year but want to buy LR6 as a standalone programme for Mac. I bought it from the Adobe website and worked through the installation process, while following the download instructions.

      All goes well until I'm nearing the end. I am not able to install a serial number, and when the installation process on my Mac is complete and the programme is launched, the LR6 icon disappears from the desktop and the old version of LR CC launches. It clearly says Lightroom CC 2015 in the top left corner of the screen, although to add to the confusion there appears to be no haze correction tool in the develop module, as you would expect in LR6.

      I am totally confused as I wanted to install a standalone version of Lightroom before my Creative Cloud plan expires on Oct 24th.

      If anyone can help I would be truly grateful.


      Ian Barmer