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    Hardware optimisation for Premiere and After Effects

    drloksoft Level 1



      I'm using the latest version of Premiere and After Effects CC. When I try to render my movies and After Effects projects, my computer is still pretty slow, even though I'm using a 6 core machine with 32GB RAM.



      During rendering, the CPU load is about 35%, while the RAM usage is about 80%. Do you think I can speed up the rendering, when I exchange my 32GB of RAM with 64GB of RAM? Or would it make more sense to exchange the graphics card?


      I'm using a GeForce GTX980 Ti Graphics card in an ASUS ROG Rampage V Extreme Mainboard. Files are being exchanged through a D2 drive, hence it's the fastest I could get. I do not see any limitation here.


      Suggestions are welcome.