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    Lightroom Mobile Great potential but still need my laptop!

    andrewa83844972 Level 1

      I've been using my Ipad mini alot more than my MACBOOK pro lately for editing my photos. It's so nice not to have to lug the laptop everywhere now! Adobe Lightroom Mobile has come along way! Love many of it's features! The ability for online proofing, comments from clients on the images, and filtering images with comments for further edits! Along with my adonit pixel for retouching, and a WD wireless drive for downloading images. The one MAJOR hurdle for me is that I can not import from the Wireless drive into lightroom mobile without copying the images to my camera roll on the IPAD MIni! (Not an option for me!) So the Macbook pro is still needed! WHY CANT LR MOB READ IMAGES FROM A PORTABLE DRIVE?  Are you having better luck than me? What is your mobile workflow? Suggestions?