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    AVI imports appear squeezed from sides


      I have converted some MPEG videos from a  Panasonic SDR -H100 Video Camera to AVI and they appear fine on Windows viewer.  However when I import them into Abobe Premiere (version 7) for editing the images appear squeezed laterally -16x9 ratio (1.7777) is squeezed to roughly (1.310).  Can you tell me what to do to fix this? 

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I could find no specs on a Panasonic SDR-H100 camcorder.


          How did you convert the video from MPEG to AVI? That can be tricky business unless you know what you're doing. There are literally thousands of types of AVIs and lots of different PARs, and converting a video can often make it LESS rather than more compatible with the program.


          That said, you're using a fairly primitive version of Premiere Elements. Versions prior to version 11 require you to manually set up your project for your video -- and the program wasn't very forgiving about allowing you to change the settings you do.


          Unfortunately, because you've started with video that I can't find any specs on and you converted it to a format that may or may not be using a compatible codec and PAR, I'm just not sure what to recommend.

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            ronw11162614 Level 1

            Thanks for the quick reply - sorry I was away.  The Panasonic Camcorder is

            also a bit old but it works.  The manual says the videos produced are

            Compression MPEG-2.  The files when transferred to the computer have four

            parts for each scene shot- they are labeled xxxxx.cont, xxxxx.mpg,

            xxxxx.pmpd, and xxxxx.tmb.  I have no idea what all this means. The

            converted files are just one file, xxxxx.avi.  Converter software is

            Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate(Build8.8.1.1).


            Now I am willing to start over (original video files are still on the

            Camcorder hard drive).if you can suggest what I should do.  My sole purpose

            here is to import the files into Photoshop Premiere Elements so I can edit

            and put on DVD.  I plan on shopping for a new camcorder and expect it would

            be wise to upgrade Photoshop also.  I just want to be sure that whatever I

            do will help me work with the existing files as well as improve future

            situations.  By the way, can I purchase an upgrade for my existing

            Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements programs or must I just purchase

            latest versions?


            Can you provide me a step by step procedure to get the existing MPEG files

            into Photoshop Premiere even if it includes new Premiere Software?  In

            addition to still being on the Camcorder, they are on my computer hard

            drive as MPEG files. Computer uses Windows 7


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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              What's odd is that that old style camcorder produces MOD files at 704x480 rather than traditional 720x480. There's just way to get that format of video to fit in a 4:3 or 16:9 video frame.


              And, as i said, the challenge with working with version 7 of Premiere Elements is that it required you to manually set up your project and then would not allow you to change it after you did. So if you didn't get it right the first time, your project would give you all kinds of problems.


              You can try starting a new project and, for your project settings, selecting the option for Hard Disk Camcorder, Standard 48khz 720x480, and seeing what it does with that video. It may work -- or it may not. But that's probably as close as you can get.


              As for converting the video, I still very much recommend against it unless you truly know what you're doing and you know how to get the video to come out as 720x480 0.9 PAR at 29.97 fps. using the DV-AVI codec. Otherwise you'll be worse off than just using the footage directly from the camcorder.


              You're kind of double-handicapping yourself here, Ron. You're using a camcorder that shoots in a difficult to work with format in a version of the program that is difficult to set up and isn't very forgiving when you get it wrong.

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                ronw11162614 Level 1

                Well thanks for your insight.  I tried importing to Premiere version 7 as a

                new project using the project settings you suggested but it still wasn't

                accepted.  I also downloaded a trial version of Premiere version 15 and

                tried to import the file but it also said the file could not be imported.

                So I don't have any further hope of using Premiere for editing.  Thanks

                again for your efforts.


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