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    Audio Spectrum and MP3 Not Working


      Hi everyone! First post here, but I really need help!

      I am working on a podcast and we are having a video version go up with an audio spectrum effect to have something to watch as people listen to our discussion. I have cut the podcast up into chunks of about 5-10 minute clips in Premiere and then link the audio and background imagery to After Effects. I then create a solid layer, apply the Audio Spectrum effect, and After Effects will not play the audio. The preview with audio button is on, and I've used RAM Preview. Furthermore, the Audio Spectrum effect simply stutters and does not follow along with the audio. There is no waveform available.


      What's weird is it JUST worked two days ago with some audio samples (also MP3 and from the same recording software we have). The only thing I've changed is where the media is cached. I've since changed it back to it's old spot, but that didn't fix it. I am running on a computer that has more than enough power and memory to render this all. Please help!