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    Is 3D vector or bitmap?


      Hi, I'm completely new to 3D, especially 3D in after effects. I want to hire someone to make a 3D logo for me, but I'm not sure if 3D art is vector based or bitmap (pixels). This is important because if 3D is bitmap I will have to complete more in my scene for after effects before I have a 3D logo created, whereas if it's vector, I can have it created now and resize it later.

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          MarkusEker Level 1

          Short and simplified answer. A 3d model is usually Vector, but the output from 3D rendering software is bitmap, allthough some software can also render out flat vector grahpics.

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            That's a complicated question.

            The answer is both and neither.

            You can base a 3d model off of a vector shape.

            A 3d model can be textured with a bitmap image.

            A 3d model is made up of polygons - which are kind of like vector and kind of like bitmap.


            If a model is made with too few/too large polygons, it will look blocky (which may be fine if that's the look you're going for - do a Google search for low poly and you will see a lot of art that's created in that [very popular] style).

            But, at the same time, you can zoom in really close to a model and it will always have crisp lines.

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