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    What has Elements 15 done to my system ?


      I am running Win 10 latest patch, on an Intel i5 2500 with 8GB ram and more some 300Gb of free disc space on my C drive and 400Gb on my D drive. My catalog (converted from Elements 10) has some 6000 images.

      It takes about 3 min to load, if I try to edit a photo it takes another 2 mins for the editor to load, Elements 10 was slow but nothing like this.

      After install and reboot my pc froze for some 20 mins, and has taken 3 reboots to return to some form of performance even when it is the only app running.

      It has currently decided to analyze all the photos for faces in my catalogue , why I did not request this ? so far 31% complete and we are into hrs here.

      It insists on opening albums in album order and not oldest first, this has to be set manually each time I open, are there no settings one can preset ?


      All in all a very questionable upgrade, until you get to the editor where you certainly see the new functionality, but first I would like to get the basics sorted out.


      Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      I have been a user of Elements since 2002.....