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    Epson Printers fail to print full image in Lightroom


      My MacBook Pro 15" mid-2012, 2.7 Intel Core i7, 16G RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB, running Mac OS X 10.11.6 has suddenly stopped printing full images on a letter size page. I have multiple Epson printers: an Epson 4800, an Epson WF3540, and an Epson WF 2530 at another location. I also have a 9890 that I don't print cut sheets on.


      I will send a full size image, set to print on a standard letter-size page, and I will get a cropped image printed in the upper right corner of the page, always 4x6". This behavior is consistent with all three printers listed above. I also have a Canon black and white multi-function laser that will print the exact same image properly, although it's black and white laser. My production computer, a Mac Pro, prints the same files with no problems.


      I have reset the printing system and reinstalled all of the print drivers (I have a 4800, 9890, and 3540 in one location). This behavior started happening with OS X 10.11.6. I am using the built-in Epson driver for the 3540, but the Professional drivers for the 4800 and the 9890.


      I've run Cocktail to repair permissions and clear the caches, then restarted the computer. Same behavior.


      The Epson drivers for the 4800/9890 are both version 9.33; the two small Epsons update using Apple's Software Updater.


      I'm at a loss as to what has caused this issue. It's a real show stopper for this particular computer. At first, I noticed it with Filemaker Pro. Then it also showed up in Lightroom. Printing the same file as a pdf, then sending the pdf to the printer results in the image printing normally. Moving the file to Photoshop and sending it to the printer also results in the image printing at the correct size.


      Any ideas short of completely wiping the startup drive and reinstalling all of the software?


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          dakotakid_parker Level 1

          Restarted in Safe Mode (hold down Shift key while restarting until prog bar comes up).


          Once system has booted to Finder, restart again in normal mode.


          This action appeared to clear caches that I couldn't clear any other way.


          After a restart in normal mode, a test print in Lightroom was correct. Then I tried printing a report to the Epson WF 3540 in Filemaker and it also printed correctly.


          Will see if this fix sticks.