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    Import problems with the newest updates


      My macbook is version 10.11.6  and I updated my Lightroom 2015.7 and ever since then, I have been having import issues. When selecting photos to import, it often says that a preview could not be made available. Then when I try to import the photos, it won't import anything, then the program freezes. The photos I'm uploading is .jpegs



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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi msbritnee,


          Please reset Lightroom preferences back to default and check if that helps.

          Press the shift + option keys immediately after you restart Lightroom, and select Reset Preferences from the resulting dialog box


          Also, are you importing images from ios device or a sd card.




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            msbritnee Level 1

            Hi Mohit,


            Thank you for your response.


            I am importing the photos from my camera. I have a canon 7D which has a CF

            card. So I connect my camera with a USB and upload directly there. I tried

            the reset and nothing has changed.


            The first time I used your suggested solution, the photos were able to

            upload. The second time I attempted to import my photos, the import does

            not work. I have tried to trouble shoot it with your suggested solution,

            but that did not work this time around.




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