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    Lightroom stuck on print module


      Hi there


      When I tried to print a custom template in the Lightroom print module a couple of days ago, it froze and has not shifted since. I now cannot even force restart my mac in order to try and restart Lightroom. It won't allow me to move between modules, and won't let me close the program down. I even allowed my laptop to run out of battery in an attempt to clear it and get it restarted, but this didn't work either - it just reopened on the frozen screen, with the 'operation in progress' bar in the top left corner stuck on 1 or 2 % progress.


      I have used print before with no problems - only difference I can see this time is that I was using images from an external drive, although I have imported images and edited them this way several times before and it's never made a difference.


      Does anyone know how I can get around this without having to uninstall Lightroom?