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    4K Video playback through SWF is choppy

    Grayhem Level 1

      We are trying to create a swf for deployment onto a 55inch 4k touchscreen.

      This swf comprises a linked 4k video that has some interactive elements added on top - by way of buttons that turn on and turn off the audio and some navigation that plays other scenes with separate videos.

      We tried to create this in Flash CS5 and found barriers due to its age as software.

      I have the trial of Adobe Animate CC - this can use other formats than FLV and F4V, such as MP4 - great

      However, when i link the video to the swf and play through the swf, the playback is choppy and not smooth - like the playback I would expect from a straightforward video player/media player [ such as VLC player ].

      The same video - a 4k mp4 file - plays perfectly smoothly through VLC player, and NOT smoothly through the swf file.


      What should I expect? Are there setting that influence the best video playback through flash?

      If I get perfect playback through VLC, surely it is therefore not the fault of my PC capabilities - rather the fault of the swf??

      Anybody have any light to shed on this subject?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          The SWF itself consumes resources and checks its status every few microseconds. It runs a number of default event listeners and scripts as soon as you add any interactive elements and naturally redraws the UI elements and the video. That's just how it is. The rest is the black magic of experienced developers, which you probably should hire if you're not up to spending hours of figuring out the specifics in endless web searches. There certainly are ways, but they go beyond just dumping your video on the stage and building your stuff on top of it. Perhaps it even requires some extra component you have to buy...



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            Grayhem Level 1

            That is definitely helpful - thanks Mylenium.

            Would you know of ANY components of such a nature? Did you have anything in mind?


            It does make me ask the question as to why anyone would want choppy video playback though - ie even have the ability to dump a video on the stage at all, if its not going to playback satisfactorily, even at that low level of knowledge of flash development.


            I take it that its because of the size of video [ie 4k] that's causing the problem?

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              This has to do with how Flash itself functions traditionally when it needs to combine different elements. Just playing a video with no extra fancies should function almost perfectly, assuming it's running on a system that has full hardware acceleration for Flash player, which is the otehr side of the equation. In the past there used to be some scripts and libraries that helped with this stuff, but I've been so long out of the loop, I can't really point you to anything specific. I'm sure you can get some more useful answers in the Animate CC/ Flash forums. E.g. I vaguely remeber a script component that rewrote the entire default video handling and improved things massively. But that was way back then...



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                Grayhem Level 1

                Ah, I thought that this WAS the right place !

                Ive really just got to get this figured out somehow, so i can give an answer to my boss - whether upgrading to Adobe Animate CC [and other CC apps ] will sort the issue of being able to use 4k video . . .

                Crazy thing is now - Ive tested a slightly lower quality 4k h.264 file of the same video [an acceptable quality file] and Im getting it running pretty smoothly....but not in Flash player 21... rather in FLASH PLAYER 10! [from way back]
                Now my issue is that Animate CC doesn't use actionscript 2 but only 3! My working script is AS2! 

                All i want the buttons to do are to fade the music in the video off or on, and the only other interactivity in the file is to switch between 'scenes' - there's a different video to play in scene 2

                And the videos need to loop - which Im finding isnt so easy in AS3 after all.....

                Think Im gonna try powerpoint . . . .

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                  Grayhem Level 1

                  Only 'slightly' joking about powerpoint....
                  What i will do is hop on over to the Animate forum - thanks for your help Mylenium