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    K. Gilden

      Well, I have run into some problems. Some commands in cycles are only executed once, that is, the last time the code is executed.
      Could it be because flash goes to the next cycle faster than it manages to execute those commands? If so, then how should I fix it with the least amount of code?

      The code is as follows.

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          You a bunch of things wrong with your code. If you are going to create a set of new textfields, you will have to give each one a unique name, and place each one in a unique depth position.

          You can fix the problem like this:
          for(a=1;a<=7;a++) {

          This will give you a series of textfields named dynamic_txt1,dynamic_txt2, etc. and each will be at a unique depth.
          Then, to apply the actual text, use:
          this["dynamic_txt"+a].text = a;
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            K. Gilden Level 1
            Thank you!