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    Develop fit view low resolution


      Hi everybody,


      I've searched for an answer for this but haven't found it.

      I'm running LR5 on macOS Sierra.


      I imported photos I shot on a EOS 7D (raw), then I rendered 1:1 previews so that I had good quality when editing. The problem is that when I am on the Library module the images look good no matter what zoom I'm in (1:1 or FIT), but on the Develop module only the 1:1 preview is similar to what I see on the Library module.

      Screenshot 2016-10-24 14.52.53.pngScreenshot 2016-10-24 14.52.40.png

      Please notice the shadows on the lower right. (above image is Library, below image is Develop, both are FIT zoom)

      These printscreens make the problem seem lighter than it is.

      There must be something I did wrong, because I used to have it all look the same, but I updated from OSX 10.8.5 to Sierra last month - this is the first time I'm running LR since then.


      I'm desperate right now.