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    Blurb Book


      I have already produced two good size books through LR and Blurb, I am on my third and am at 75 pages so far, when suddenly I am having problems adding photos, I have my selected book with the page ready but when I go to Library select the photos to add to the book then switch to book to drag them into the photocells from the film strip below, it then starts creating a new book from the entire photo folder, I have saved my book into smart collections, what is going on?



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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          As you discovered- simply selecting the collection and opening the Book module does 'start' a new book.

          Instead- When you hover the mouse cursor over that Saved Book collection,  a white arrow will appear at the end of the collection name-

          Simply click the white arrow and you will be taken back to your book module and the book design exactly as you last left it.

          Any newly added photos (added to the Saved Book Collection) will appear at the very far end of the filmstrip, and can be dragged to new/blank pages from there.


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            Skipompey Level 1

            Many thanks for the solution back on track now