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    LR6 - Edit in - NIK


      I have LR6 stand alone, why does the Edit in, only allow one external editor to be listed at any one time, or am I missing something? I am using NIK, but can only list one of the products at any one time.


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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Are you saying that your menu for /photo/edit-in/

          (a) lists only one of the NIK plug-ins?

          (b) lists all the NIK plug-ins but only one is enabled?


          Mac or Windows? What version?

          Which exact number version of Lightroom?

          Are all your NIK plug-ins up to date?

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            anthonym35197146 Level 1

            Hi Maniacjo,

            I have figured it out just now, in preferences, External Editing, you have to choose each plug in, and make a preset for each one, then when you go to edit in, you get a primary chosen program with a list of the rest as presets, I have checked that each works, and sure enough it exports to the plug in and when you have finished and save, it re-imports back to Lightroom.


            I use Lightroom 6 standalone ver 6.7

            Mac Book Pro 15"


            Thank you so much for getting back to me, it is most appreciated, I seem to have resolved the problem myself.


            Best wishes


            Anthony P Morris (Tony)