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    Lightroom 6 Crashes/Wont start all...the..time...


      I have LR6 and it wont launch 80% of the time. I have gotten all kinds of different errors that range from simply telling me to re-install all the way to "I have corrupted system32 files". I have seemed to fix the system32 file problem with my Kernelbase.dll but every damn day there is an error. I have been using the program little over a month now and I have to reinstall it 20+ times a day just to get my work done and I have done everything in my power to fix it.

      I have

      • contacted adobe support 3 times (all which immediately lead with "do you have the GPU acceleration checked or unchecked"?)
      • started a new catalog
      • updated to 6.7
      • competently taken anything remotely related to adobe off my computer and installed it again
      • installed it in different drive (also in a different directory so it wasn't in a root folder)
      • Yes i have unchecked the GPU acceleration box...it doesn't fix the problem.
      • I have checked the event viewer and but i get no error when it crashes on launch and nothing
      • even wiped my entire computer and restarted it to factory...
      • and I'm sure there's more but i have lost track


      Things you should know:

      • I did purchase LR6 through amazon @ $142 + tax
      • I am running Win10 (was originally Win8 but cannot switch back after the wipe.)
      • 16 GB of RAM
      • GTX 770 GPU
      • i5-4670k CPU
      • I don't why this matters but I am running 3 monitors, It shouldn't matter but if there a problem I'm throwing out everything I know.
      • I have installed it on my laptop as well and everything is fine so far and its running on the same OS


      Any help is appreciated and encouraged because I don't know what the hell I am supposed to anymore.