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    How to connect Lightroom to Cloud Dropbox (where new photos are stored) rather than local Dropbox (old photos)?




      help much appreciated here. im still on the free trial of lightroom but still havent been able to use it after 4 days now as i can't bring my photos in.


      they are in dropbox.


      when i go to the dropbox dropdown on the left handside to import it only show my photos from dropbox which is connected to my computer and these photos are several years old now - no new photos show. i think its because when dropbox space ran out i then paid for a subscription version of dropbox but that is not attached to my computer so lightroom isnt seeing it.


      i tried downloading one of my new photos from my cloud based dropbox and then putting it onto the desktop or in a download folder on my computer but then when i tried to bring that into lightroom it was 'greyed out' - not available for import.


      how do i connect lightroom to my cloud based dropbox and not the one that is on my computer? or why are the photos not even available for import when i download them directly onto my computer?


      my computer is macbook about 3 years old.


      its lightroom cc


      as you can see from above i am not technical at all so i hope i've explained the situation clearly enough.


      thanks for any help