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    Menu issues on Microsoft Surface




      I'm having continual issues with the menus on my Surface. I set all of them to hide unless I call them up.


      Problem is they rarely stay that way. The left menu (folders and collections etc) randomly shows itself when switching views or folders and wont autohide. Each day seemingly brings a new bug - today the film strip is showing itself every time I switch folders. I have to keep clicking the triangle to fix them open and click it again to get them to hide.


      Its really messing up my workflow and my patience - I find myself spending half my time fighting lightroom instead of doing actual work. Not sure if this is a windows thing as my other machine is a Mac and I don't have this problem (LR6 just runs slow as treacle compared to earlier versions).


      I ran the updater and all Adobe apps were already up to date.


      Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

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          white_voodoo Level 1

          So zero support then. Typical non-existent support from Adobe.


          Soooo glad I didn't buy a subscription if this is all the help I get.


          Never mind next time I wont bother buying your buggy software, there are plenty of competitors out there.

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            I think this is more a Windows 10 or Surface problem and not a LR problem. I certainly don't have it on either a Dell E6420 notebook running Win 7 or on my home built Win 7 desktop.


            Are you sure you aren't accidentally hitting the Tab key that shows/hides the panels?

            Are you using a mouse or the track pad or screen to navigate the cursor around? Both the screen and the TP have a Tap feature. Could be you are tapping when you don't know, realize, it.


            If that is the case then caulk it up to user error.

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              white_voodoo Level 1

              The machine is running windows 8.1, and the keyboard isn't attached so no, I am not hitting the tab key or using the trackpad - both are in the next room :-) I'm using a stylus (and no, neither it or my palms are causing a hover or tap which could cause the panels to come out, and I cleaned the screen to make sure there wasn't anything on the screen that could possibly cause a similar effect - I of course checked all those things before asking for support).


              You have maintained consistency though - the last time I finally got a response on an issue a couple of years ago Adobe blamed me as well. The "user error" coincidentally disappeared with a photoshop bug release a year or so later...


              Do you have any constructive advice, or going to have someone look at the bug?