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    Creating a Catalog from Word


      What's the easiest way to create a 25 page catalog with content from a Word document? Each entry has an image, description and bullet points. I'm working in InDesign CC on a MacBook.

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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          Here's one very general workflow:

          Start with File > Place to flow the Word doc into InDesign. The pictures are not likely to be in the right place, although they will flow in as well. You can cut them from the text, and paste them on the page, and then you can put them where you want.* Anchor them if they need to reflow with edits. Set up paragraph styles in InDesign for the descriptions and bullets.



          *Keep in mind that this workflow assumes that you have print-ready images in the Word doc, which is highly unlikely. It would be better to remove the images from the Word doc so that you can place the original, high-resolution images directly in the InDesign file, again using File > Place.

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            amaarora Adobe Employee

            As BarbBinder mentioned, the easiest way is to place the word document in indesign. however this may strip all formatting and other styling you may have applied.

            However, i suggest you should explore some place file options before doing the same. In the Place dialog box, select the Word document that you want to place, then enable the Show Import Options checkbox and click Open.



            This will display the Microsoft Word Import Options dialog box.


            This section offers you two main choices for dealing with text imported from Microsoft Word.

            1. Remove Styles and Formatting from Text and Tables – This will strip out all formatting from the Word document and use the current style in the InDesign or InCopy document.
            2. Preserve Styles and Formatting from Text and Tables – This will retain any formatting applied in the Word document and also gives you the option to import any Word styles or map them to existing InDesign or InCopy styles.

            Hopefully this solves your problem.