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    Remove button after use

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      I have make a form with Adobe Pro XI. (The form is saved as a Reader extended pdf)  The users must fill in this form and at the end they must sign it with a digital signature.


      Because the user must send this form by e-mail, I have make a button (with the following options):

      Mouse Down: => Show/hide a field (I have selected (hide) the button field). 

      Mouse Up: => Submit a form  (to a standard email address, with standard sublect).


      Now my problem

      if I click on the button, the button removes (is not visible anymore) and outlook make a new e-mail message and placed the pdf form in the attachment of the  e-mail. This is exactly what I want, but after I have send the mail and open de pdf, the button is visible again


      Is there a solution that the button will remove (not shown) after use?  The users will use adobe reader.  I think it's only possible with a javascript. But I don't know how to write the script. Is there anybody that can help me with that?


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