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    Are we getting an update too?

      Just wondering if Fireworks CS4 users can expect an update soon to fix all the known issues that we've been struggling with. Please say yes LOL.
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          Garry Bradley Level 1
          I'm using FW CS4 on my iMac 2.8Ghz to prototype web sites and I'm really disappointed with the reaction speed of most commands.

          It does most things I need to do very well just at a fraction of the speed of an app like Photoshop. When you're used to this speed it just becomes plain frustrating. I've also had unexpected crashes along the way but I can live with these as it could be anything like a rogue font and as I save every couple of seconds I never really lose too much work.

          It's great to see the CS4 gloss on the surface but I feel underneath there's some first generation code slowing the whole thing up as it's only a recent addition to Adobe's software. I guess they've not been able to optimise the running code for it yet to the point where Photoshop is at.

          I don't think any bug fixes for FW will improve it's speed, just stability which isn't a bad thing but I wonder if it'll make it to CS5 for a speed revamp?
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            ageofem Level 1
            The answer is YES. hehe , this is what Sarthak said in the fireworks linkedin group

            Fireworks CS4 release to be patched

            Its official now. Fireworks will be releasing a patch for its last release version. Text issues are the main focus areas.
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              Paevo Kelley Level 2
              FW is always second to PS in the pecking order...