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    interactive PDF vs SWF and nothing works all the way

    CritterMel Level 1

      I'm working on designing a map for work and decided to test the functionality before working on it further.


      When I preview it in InDesign, everything functions beautifully.


      When I export it to interactive PDF, only half of it works.


      When I export it to SWF, the other half of it works.


      What works and what doesn't isn't confined to one layer, effect or overlay, yet every single pin and overlay is created exactly like the ones that do work, and some work just fine in both. I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out what's going on, and any help or advice would be great. I've tried it on multiple computers, with different operating systems and software (I work on a government network normally, so we're usually out of date and I thought it might be a software display issue). I've even tested it on tablet computers, and the functionality remains just as hit and miss, with different elements working and not working on each. Makes no sense to me since all of the functions and settings are the same (show/hide on click and show/hide on rollover for everything).


      I've included links below, if that helps.


      Dropbox - BUTTON MAP test-1.swf

      Dropbox - BUTTON MAP test.pdf

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          What exactly are doing? Telling us half works and half doesn’t is pretty much meaningless without more details.

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            CritterMel Level 1

            Like I said, it's all show/hide actions on click or rollover and they all work perfectly in the preview in InDesign. The only thing I'm doing to export them is exporting as flash or exporting as interactive PDF. There's nothing more to explain about what I'm doing, because it's literally that simple.


            Same actions, same setup for what works and what doesn't. Everything is identical. I'd think I was doing something wrong with how I set up the actions, but what works on one export doesn't work on another. What works on a PDF on one computer, doesn't work on the exact same PDF on another computer. It's like for some reason InDesign isn't exporting everything properly.

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              Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

              The swf seems to be more complete. Here is what I see in the swf:

              US map with various regions, rollover the region area makes it darker;

              2 text hotspots: bases and groups;

              Click bases > shows indicators on map > rollover indicator shows location;

              Click groups > shows indicators and locations


              One thing that seems incorrect, when groups are activated, you can click anywhere to hide. But once you move mouse, the locations are shown again.

              Are there any specific situations that you can elaborate?

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                CritterMel Level 1

                When I look at the SWF, only the "A/G/R Bases" action works correctly. The Groups and Squadrons action only works first when I click on the map itself (which it's not at all supposed to do). After that, I can use the text hotspot and it works fine.


                In the PDF, A/G/R Bases doesn't work at all most times. Sometimes I can get about half the bases to show up if I reexport it without changing a single thing. Groups and squadrons works as it's supposed to (only clicking on the text hotspot), however, the hotspots are showing as red first in the PDF rather than black, like they're supposed to (black is how they appear in the SWF). I've deleted and redone the order, switched layers and everything to get it to show black first, but that's a minor glitch at this point.


                In the PDF version, the state regions highlight when rolled over, in the SWF they don't.


                If I preview the same PDF file in Dropbox on my iPad, Groups and Squadrons will show, but it won't go away on the next click. It blanks out, then comes right back about a second later. A/G/R Bases works fine.