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    Can't install air application from website

      I am trying to install an Adobe Air application from a local web page using badge but get the "Something went wrong trying to install this application"

      When I click on the .air file directly all works ok

      One thing I've noticed is that if I try to launch the .air file from the browser, it doesn't to know what program to use to open the file as buttons on the (Do you want to save this file or find a program online to open it) dialog are Find, Save and Cancel (Not Open).

      I've checked the file extensions in Internet Tools and the program for .air is Adobe Air Application Installer which I assume is correct.

      I've also checked that the MIME entry is correct on IIS

      I'm running on a 32bit machine with Vista Business and using IE7

      Can anyone help me please, I've been stuck on this for ages