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    Freezing / Saving while editing text

    COG AdobeID

      Hi everybody,


      I have had a problem with InDesign for a while now. When typing new text and spotting a typo, I often move back a few characters by mouse clicking or moving up with the arrow keys. When doing this the typing seems to lag out and a save bubble appears, like it is trying to resolve some great alteration in a graphic or giant text file and it needs a few seconds to process the order.


      If I continue typing during this 'saving', the typed text appears where I left my cursor moments after. Unfortunately it's really hard to control where this text appears, and I often have to move or delete the characters I typed.


      I can work with it, but is a great nuisance. Does anyone else have this issue? Does anyone know how to resolve it?


      I have tried, to no affect:


      - switching the internet connection off.

      - 'saving as'

      - removing the link between text boxes

      - using just one font, corps and/ or interlining etc


      Greetings from Amsterdam,