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    Cant Convert a Group of Raw Photos to DNG


      I am having an issue with something that I've been able to do since I began using Lightroom about 2 1/2 to 3 years ago. The version I'm on now is 2015.7.


      I used to be able to select a group of Raw files and use Library -> Convert Photo to DNG and have Lightroom batch convert the files. Now it will only convert one file (the file most selected.)


      I'm wondering if there is a setting that might have been altered somewhere that has changed it's behavior or if something has happened to lightroom? It has been working until yesterday. I'm not sure when I downloaded the last update, but I think it's been a few weeks. I do this process several times per week.


      I took a look at preferences and did a search in the forums but didn't come up with anything.


      Thanks for any help!