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      On After Effect CC 2014 papers this write:Il pronto contiene 528 riferimenti a effetti mancanti.Istallate gli effetti seguenti per ripristinare i riferimenti(S_EdgeDetect,S_FilmDamage,Twitch,S_Shake,S_warpVortex,S_TVDamage,RSMB,S_Glow,VC Color Vibrance,Shine e così' via)


      What does it mean?




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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          These are commercial third-party effects. You have to buy them (genArts Sapphire and Revision FX ReelSmartMotionBlur. The Color Vibrance effect can be downlaoded free from Video CoPilot.



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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The project you are trying to open uses several third-party effects. All of the ones that start with S_ are plugins from GenArts Sapphire. Twitch and VC Color Vibrance are from VideoCopilot. Shine is from Red Giant's Trapcode Suite. RSMB is ReelSmart Motion Blur from Re:Vision Effects.

            They all cost money except for VC Color Vibrance which is free from VideoCopilot.net


            You need to purchase and install all of those plugins and restart After Effects before you can use that project the way it was meant to look.