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    Payments / Licences on Adobe Stock Photos


      Hello everybody


      I do have a question about the payments.
      I have to Standard licenced pictures, both have the same Price CHF 11.00

      One was sold by subsription. One for $ 0.24 and the other one for $ 0.18.

      Could anyone tell me what's the difference?

      And this amount are not 33% percent of the selling price of CHF 11.00 do I missunderstand
      the commission structure?


      Every time someone purchases your content, you get a 33% commission for photos and vector art and a 35% commission for videos based on the price of the image.


      Thanks for your help and best regards

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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          Thank you for writing. Your commission of 33% is on the price that was paid for the image. This price varies based on the number of images the customer commits to purchase. They can buy an individual license for $9.99 which results in a $3.30 commission or they can buy a larger subscription such as 750 downloads for $249. The cost per image goes down on those so there is a minimum commission amount in place. The minimum increases as your sales increase. It starts at .25. If you received a commission of .18 that is an indication your account is subject to the maximum withholding for taxes. I recommend you complete a tax form at your earliest convenience.


          You can find more information about commissions at this link: Account and payment information


          Kind regards,


          Mat Hayward